Inspection Services

These inspections cater to the specific needs of owners, buyers, and sellers. To give you peace of mind our residential inspections include multiple warranties at no additional charge.

These are limited scope inspections that are required by most insurance carriers to obtain homeowners insurance. These inspections do not replace a complete home inspection.

We have partnered with Residential Warranty Services to offer the most comprehensive home warranty plans in the country to protect you from the many unplanned costs of home ownership.

We offer a variety of services like blower door tests and well water sampling. Some tests are required to obtain a certificate of occupancy. These services keep you safe, secure, and worry free in your new home.

Advanced Technology

Inspection Robots

Are you worried about what’s under your home? What if the inspector is too big to fit into the crawlspace? That’s not a problem for us. We have robots and droids that can inspect areas of your home that other companies wouldn’t dream of attempting to access.  

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is a great tool that helps to detect the difference in temperatures. This enables us to identify moisture issues that would not be visible during a limited visual home inspection. This tool is also great at identifying areas that are not adequately insulated.


Is the roof too steep to walk? Does it have tiles or other coverings that would be damaged if an inspector stepped foot onto the roof? We are FAA Licensed and use drones to aid us in our roof inspections. This allows us to inspect roof types that other companies simply can’t.

Protecting Your Home

We offer over $100,000 in coverage on every inspection

You get 90 Days of Warranty Protection after your full home inspection! Buy with confidence and worry less knowing that your appliances and systems are covered. See policy for details.

Rest assured that your home will be screened for recalled appliances during your full home inspection. When a manufacturer designs a dangerous product, they must recall that item and repair or replace it at no cost to you.

With every full home inspection, you get Sewer Line Protection from SewerGard – the world leader in underground repair coverage. You can buy with confidence and be worry free knowing that main water and sewer line collapses and breaks are covered, up to $4000, for the first 90 days after your inspection. See policy for details.

Buy with confidence and be worry free knowing that your full home inspection includes the Platinum Roof Protection Plan! Your roof leak repairs are covered for the next five years, up to $3,000!

Mold can be found in any home across the country. Protect your family from the potential health hazards of mold by having a visual inspection performed on your home. We help to provide peace of mind by backing up each full home inspection with MoldSafe. If visible mold is found in your home that was not present at the time of inspection, you are covered for remediation up to $2000!

For your ultimate protection every full home inspection includes a structural warranty with up to $100,000 in coverage. You’re also covered up to $500 in engineering costs, and you can choose your own contractor for repairs.

It's About Peace Of Mind

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